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पल पल Pal Pal Lyrics In Hindi [2020] – Ahmad Shaad

Pal Pal
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Pal Pal lyrics in Hindi sung by Ahmad Shaad Safwi. The Song is Composed By Ajay Nagakoti and written by Ajay & Farhaan Khan.

If you want to see the video of this Pal Pal Song Lyrics, then the following video is given.

Pal Pal is not on YouTube Trending. If the views talk, then these songs will get many Millions Views.

Pal Pal Song Detail

Song Title: Pal Pal
Singer: Ahmad Shaad Safwi
Music: Ajay Nagakoti
Lyrics: Ajay & Farhaan Khan

Pal Pal Lyrics in Hindi

You Want Pal Pal Song Lyrics and that too in Hindi ………… So we are providing you Lyrics.

आए मेरे हमसफ़र हो गये क्यूँ दूर
छोड़ के क्यूँ गये हमको यू मजबूर

साथिया साथिया

पल पल इस रिलीसिंग आन  26 सेप्टेम्बर, 2020.

वी विल पब्लिश इट्स फुल लिरिक्स आंड म्यूज़िक वीडियो आफ्टर रिलीसिंग द सॉंग.

Music Video of Pal Pal Song

Pal Pal Lyrics

Aye mere humsafar ho gaye kyun door
Chhod ke kyun gaye humko yoon majboor

Saathiya saathiya

Pal Pal is releasing on 26 September, 2020.

We will publish its full lyrics and music video after releasing the song.

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