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Song Lyrics influence to bring a change and impact

Song Lyrics influence to bring a change and impact
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Yes, definitely songs have a high influence on us. While the tune and music impact us the lyrics always influence us. When the tune and the lyrics both supplement and complement each other the song becomes great and stays everlasting, evergreen.
The Song “Koi hum dum na raha, koi sahara na raha..” in Jhumroo, acted and sung by Kishore Kumar is a lingering one and I hum it even now on certain days. That gives a very good message and reminds us about the naked truth of life. The moment we are left without any wealth, all will leave us.
Another one is the “Eswara chintayithonnemanujanu shaashwatameeyulakil..” a song in an old Malyalam movie “Bhakta Kuchela” in the sixties sung by Kamukara Purushothaman is also similar one saying that faith on God only can bring permanent happiness to humans. It also talks about the ever increasing greed of humans also.
Another one I liked is the ‘ Koi bata de dil he kahan , kyon hota hai dard wahan..”
In Tamil there were a lot of songs with fantastic lyrics. Most of them were written by Kanndasan. Of which I still value the one ” Poojyathukkulle oru rajyathai aandukondu puriyaamale iruppan oruvan…” in Tamil Movie ” Valarpirai” in sixties sing by TMSoundarrajan. The lyrics describe God in so simple a way, but which can be explained philosophically to any length. The first line say s God is the one who sitting inside a zero rules a large kingdom, incomprehensible to others. If one understands him then he is God. It goes on like that.
There are many song lyrics, but the post will become a lengthy one and so I stop here.

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